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Stock Talk Podcast Episode 163

February 16, 2022

We’re back, starting this week’s episode with a discussion on stock splits. Why? Alphabet (AKA Google), recently announced it will be proceeding with a 20-1 stock split, and given the company has been a long-term Focus Buy recommendation, we are here to talk about how stock splits work and why multiple analysts and financial talking heads have proclaimed this a bullish sign for Alphabet’s stock.


In our Your Stock, Our Take segment, Aaron answers a listener question on Intel Corporation (INTC: NASDAQ), the world's largest manufacturer of PC microprocessors, which just announced a proposed $58 billion acquisition of Tower Semiconductor. The listener points out Intel has a low PE, pays a good dividend, appears out of favor, and asks whether we see value at present.


Brennan also answers a listener question on ScreenPro Security Inc. (SCRN:CSE), a Screening and Medical Technology company that provides turnkey COVID-19 screening solutions with its alerting software, GoStop. The listener asks if we see value and growth potential in the recent listing.

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